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From experimentation with the material and Jan’s help, we came to realize that the triangle is the strongest element which we can use for the cabin construction. And big enough to fit one tall standing person! Tagged: cabin  triangle  workshop   Notes: 10
We are very happy to start again the making of a self-sufficient system season! First important things to survive are food and water, so this is what we ‘ll do first. A series of more workshops to follow on aquaponics, solar cooking, solar energy, composting and DIY shelter. The workshops are part of the Seminar “Self-sufficiency in the era of the new Commons" offered at the Berlin University of the Arts (Studium Generale). You are very welcome to join, but please RSVP first because places are limited.  Tagged: workshop  seminar  berlin  garden  rainwater  

the theory of degrowth

Degrowth (in French: décroissance,[1] in Spanish: decrecimiento, in Italian: decrescita) is a political, economic, and social movement based onecological economics and anti-consumerist and anti-capitalist ideas. Degrowth thinkers and activists advocate for the downscaling of production and consumption—the contraction of economies—as overconsumption lies at the root of long term environmental issues and social inequalities. Key to the concept of degrowth is that reducing consumption does not require individual martyring and a decrease in well-being.[2] Rather, ‘degrowthists’ aim to maximize happiness and well-being through non-consumptive means—sharing work, consuming less, while devoting more time to art, music, family, culture and community.[3]


‘ASTRONEF 732’ Space City

François Dallegret. Paris avril 1963
In ‘’Astronef 732’’, an early ‘’Graphos’’ ink drawing from 1963, Dallegret conceived a ‘’Space City’’, to be shot to Mars ’’for the purpose to studying the reactions of younger generations to conditions of extreme crowding in relation to speed’’. With these preoccupations-radical living, machines, speed-Dallegret aligned himself with the great innovators of the 20th century, among them Le Corbusier, Buckminster Fuller (who exhibited a geodesic dome at Expo 67), and Joe Colombo, whose vision for streamlined modular living corresponded with Dallegret’s own futurism.

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